Monday, July 28, 2008

Iowa City Web Design

Designing websites is an art with many purposes. Your website must be able to attract visitors from search engines such as Google, while simultaneously not driving them off with an ugly design. In many cases form follows function does not accurately describe modern website design. Instead, it must be a quality combination of both.

Chrono offers website design in Iowa City at extremely reasonable prices. Their portfolio includes a number of unique and niche sites, with a mix of different unique designs, and they have experience in a plethora of design needs. Custom product directories, mixed with keyword optimization and a nice looking design can complement nearly any Iowa City business.

Some web designers use pre-built templates for the website they design. They simply take free templates from the internet and place your website on them. Chrono never does that, and their websites are always unique: they stand out from the competition. Costs are almost always lower with Chrono, too, because of what they like to call a 'tight-ship', that doesn't feature the $700 office chairs of other companies.