Thursday, June 26, 2008

Iowa City Flood Sympathy

Our hearts go out to everyone who was affected by the disastrous flooding that occurred in Iowa over the past weeks. Many of you may not be able to get back to normal lives for a while, with weeks of cleanup, insurance paperwork, and more to go. Also thanks to the thousands of volunteers who turned out to help protect important buildings, people's homes, and more. Your hard work was immeasurably important.

Pictures Of The Flood:

Monday, June 2, 2008

Verizon EV-DO

After too long, we'll finally have access to Verizon's fastest wireless internet service, BroadbandAccess, here in Iowa City. We're used to being able to use the Broadband speed connection in our home city of Muscatine, which we've used for a long time to provide late-breaking stories on Muscazine. Now we can provide up to date local news for Iowa City because they are turning on BroadbandAccess in Iowa City. This means we can review restaurants, events, activities, and more on-the-spot, with our fast internet-anywhere connection.

Verizon's EV-DO (wifi data service) costs $59.99 per month for unlimited Megabytes on our laptop connection, providing the perfect service to keep us connected with our readers.