Thursday, August 7, 2008

Iowa City Art

Considering Iowa City is a town chock-full of liberal arts college students (most engineers go to Iowa State), the town features a wide array of artful forms of expression, art works, and places to enjoy artistic entertainment. The UI Museum of Art has in the past an excellent example of a standing place to enjoy artwork from the University of Iowa, but floodwaters have closed it for the time being. There are still places to purchase art in Iowa City, for example the Chait Gallery downtown. Or you could check out picture framing at the great frameup. No matter what, there will always be a panoply of places to enjoy art in the Iowa City area.

If you're bored, you can always see a couple of unique pieces along the ped mall downtown. This is where the library is located (which is an excellent resource for art books), and there are a number of unique places along this area as well. Plus, you can see some static art pieces that are not moved, but are enjoyable. You can also check out local Iowa City art online.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Iowa City Web Design

Designing websites is an art with many purposes. Your website must be able to attract visitors from search engines such as Google, while simultaneously not driving them off with an ugly design. In many cases form follows function does not accurately describe modern website design. Instead, it must be a quality combination of both.

Chrono offers website design in Iowa City at extremely reasonable prices. Their portfolio includes a number of unique and niche sites, with a mix of different unique designs, and they have experience in a plethora of design needs. Custom product directories, mixed with keyword optimization and a nice looking design can complement nearly any Iowa City business.

Some web designers use pre-built templates for the website they design. They simply take free templates from the internet and place your website on them. Chrono never does that, and their websites are always unique: they stand out from the competition. Costs are almost always lower with Chrono, too, because of what they like to call a 'tight-ship', that doesn't feature the $700 office chairs of other companies.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Iowa City Flood Sympathy

Our hearts go out to everyone who was affected by the disastrous flooding that occurred in Iowa over the past weeks. Many of you may not be able to get back to normal lives for a while, with weeks of cleanup, insurance paperwork, and more to go. Also thanks to the thousands of volunteers who turned out to help protect important buildings, people's homes, and more. Your hard work was immeasurably important.

Pictures Of The Flood:

Monday, June 2, 2008

Verizon EV-DO

After too long, we'll finally have access to Verizon's fastest wireless internet service, BroadbandAccess, here in Iowa City. We're used to being able to use the Broadband speed connection in our home city of Muscatine, which we've used for a long time to provide late-breaking stories on Muscazine. Now we can provide up to date local news for Iowa City because they are turning on BroadbandAccess in Iowa City. This means we can review restaurants, events, activities, and more on-the-spot, with our fast internet-anywhere connection.

Verizon's EV-DO (wifi data service) costs $59.99 per month for unlimited Megabytes on our laptop connection, providing the perfect service to keep us connected with our readers.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Iowa City Reviews - Coldstone Creamery, Sweets and Treats, and Pizza on Dubuque

So we've finished our first three food-place reviews. One pizza, one candy, one ice cream (can you see what I like to eat yet?). You can read about the high prices but friendly service found at ColdStone Creamery at the end of North Dubuque St. Or find out that the pizza and Mt. Dew are pretty good, and cheap, over at Pizza on Dubuque. You might also find that M&Ms fans will be happy seeing Sweets and Treats has quite the M&Ms selection. We hope to bring you a wide variety of reviews on all the restaurants in downtown Iowa City, on as limited of a budget as we have.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chrono Meets Iowa City With The Owl

Chrono, has ran Muscazine, and online Muscatine News source featuring news and opinion articles about Muscatine. Now, we've expanded to the Iowa City area, to feature Iowa City News, upcoming events, reviews of local nightlife hot spots, restaurant reviews, and a plethora more to get local readers.

We also enjoy using our own news management software, offering comments, subscriptions, SEO, email updates, picture galleries, search, and beyond, giving our users a unique experience. We are even working on partnering with local businesses to offer unique prizes unavailable elsewhere, encouraging reader interaction!

The Owl, our latest news organization, will give our readers information they can't get elsewhere, complemented by fun events and prizes. Come enjoy our new Iowa City news site!